Joseph L. Morris

  • Born March 25, 1878 in Highland County, Ohio.

  • His parents were JAMES MORRIS and PRISCILLA FIELDS.

  • Married MINNIE M. BAUGHN on November 30, 1905 in Washington Court House, Fayette County, Ohio.

  • Died May 11, 1942 in Jasper Township, Fayette County, Ohio, of Heart Problems/Apoplexy.

  • Both are buried in Milledgeville-Plymouth Cemetery, Fayette County, Ohio.


  1. NOEL E. MORRIS, born September 2, 1906; died November 28, 1986 in Fayette County, Ohio. Married ANNA OPAL BROWN.

  2. HELEN MARGARET MORRIS, born in 1913. Married JACK B. THOMAS.


1920 Fayette County, Ohio Census