John Bell Harrison

  • Born May 3, 1860 in Fayette County, Ohio.


  • Married FLORENCE JANE PARRETT on December 31, 1885 in Fayette County, Ohio.

  • Died October 3, 1947 in Ohio.

  • Both John and Florence are buried in Madison Mills Cemetery, Madison Township, Fayette County, Ohio.


  1. GEORGE W. HARRISON, born December 9, 1887 in Fayette County, Ohio; died in May, 1969 in Madison County, Ohio.

  2. JOHN PLEASANT HARRISON, born May 12, 1890 in Madison Township, Fayette County, Ohio; died August 29, 1974. Married FLORA BELLE DENNIS on October 26, 1912 in Pickaway County, Ohio. Married ELIZABETH ELLEN GRAHAM on November 5, 1936 in Logan County, Ohio.

  3. CATHERINE HARRISON, born April 7, 1892 in Madison Township, Fayette County, Ohio. Married FLOYD LUGENBEEL on January 6, 1914 in Madison County, Ohio.

  4. DELLA BLANCHE HARRISON, born August 19, 1894 in South Union, Ross County, Ohio; died March 21, 1984 in Washington Court House, Fayette County, Ohio. Married AMOS ROY JOHNSTON on January 23, 1915 in Madison County, Ohio.

  5. OLIVE GERTRUDE HARRISON, born August 10, 1899 in Madison Township, Fayette County, Ohio. Married STARLING LOHR TRIMBLE on May 26, 1917 in Newport, Campbell County, Kentucky.