Hubert Milton Clore

  • Born June 17, 1884 in Boone County, Kentucky.

  • Parents were WILLIAM CLORE and LAURA A. KELLY.

  • Married BERNICE LEWIS STEPHENS on March 30, 1905 in Rabbit Hash, Boone County, Kentucky. Bernice was born April 18, 1885 in Boone County, Kentucky; died September 27, 1977 in Boone County, Kentucky. Her parents were LEWIS LUNSFORD STEPHENS and HETHA ANN STEPHENS. Her sisters were HARRIET LOUISE STEPHENS and KATE STEPHENS.

  • Died November 7, 1951 in Burlingotn, Boone County, Kentucky.


  1. HELEN M. CLORE, born April 12, 1909 in Rabbit Hash, Boone County, Kentucky; died May 5, 1941 in Covington, Kenton County, Kentucky. Married WILBUR C. ACRA on December 24, 1929 in Ohio County, Indiana..

  2. PAUL LAVERNE CLORE, born April 18, 1922 in Boone County, Kentucky; died November 1, 2004 in Burlington, Boone county, Kentucky. Married VIOLA MAE HORTON on January 4, 1946.

  3. ZELMA IRENE CLORE, born July 29, 1923 in Rabbit Hash, Boone county, Kentucky; died February 4, 2014. Married WILLIAM WALLACE DAMERON on April 8, 1939 in Ohio County, Indiana.